How to Layer Scents: 4 Tips

How to Layer Scents: 4 Tips

One of the simplest ways of getting the most out of your fragrance wardrobe is experimenting with layering. You may have heard of scent layering before, but how does it work? Here's a quick guide with four tips to customize your own perfect, layered scent.

1. Describe how the individual fragrance smells. Is it rosy? Deeper and sweeter, with vanilla and musk? Fresh and green? Citrusy? Don't go by what the product description was when you bought your fragrance; what the scent smells like and reminds you of is a completely personal decision and there are no wrong answers. Just get a feel for how you'd characterize each of your favorite scents.

2. Play matchmaker. Think of different things that might balance out nicely together. Maybe a combination of a sweeter, deeper fragrance with something more citrusy could give it a lighter, fresher feel. Your fresh and green scent might have more depth, mystery, and even longevity if you pair it with a deep, woody counterpart. Try on different combinations over the course of a few days and see what you like. Put them both on the same area, at the same time. Wrists are a great place to start, since you can gently pat your wrists together to combine the scents, and you'll be able to easily re-sniff over time to reevaluate. Each layered combination is essentially a brand new scent for you to try, and so this step is all about experimentation and figuring out what you like.

3. Keep track of what you like and why. Did you like pairing something deeper with something lighter to give it a more daytime vibe? Did the floral fragrance blend well with something spicy to give you a uniquely mysterious feel for a late night out? Each combination you come up with is a unique reflection of you and your lifestyle. Plus, layering can take a scent wardrobe of 4-5 fragrances and  double or triple it, giving you a wider range of creativity and personalization. As you get a sense of what you like, you can expand to layering a third fragrance onto it. (Now you're really getting fancy.)

4. Take note of how they perform together. Some scents naturally fade away faster, depending on their ingredients and how concentrated they are. You may find that one of them smells more dominant after a while, while the other has vanished. This isn't unusual, and you might not mind having a scent that unfolds into something different throughout the day. But, if it's consistency you're looking for, you might have to make some modifications, like swapping out certain scents for something more reliable, or reapplying the more elusive layer when needed.

TL;DR: Layering scents is one of the easiest ways of getting the most bang for your buck in your scent collection, and you can get as creative as you like. It's also lots of fun.

Here are just a few layering suggestions for your favorite Jules & Vetiver scents, and what vibes we think they give off. Try these, or come up with your own.

  1. 0619 White + Rosé19Classically floral with a fresh, crisp edge
  2. 0619 White + R228: Unapologetic W-O-M-A-N
  3. R228 + Rosé19: Old soul lightened up by its playful, zesty alter ego
  4. H813 + 0619 White: Yin and yang of masculinity and're a wildcard
  5. B704 + Rosé19: I'd rather be on a beach at all times
  6. M901 + H813: Moody and firmly prepared for people to ask what you're wearing

 Happy layering, beautiful people.



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