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Our story

The Jules & Vetiver story

Jules & Vetiver was started by Katrina Sellers, a girl who loved perfume but hated the perfume experience. So she decided to start making the kinds of fragrances she wished existed: high quality and made by hand, without the pretentiousness, secrecy, and BS that dominates mass market perfumes.

We are Charlotte, NC's only locally based perfume company. Our mission is to give you a luxurious alternative to the overpackaged, overprocessed, overmarketed bottles that overwhelm us at the perfume counter, and interesting articles that'll make you love exploring scent as much as we do. We're certified by Leaping Bunny as a cruelty-free brand and are proud partners of the NoIssue Eco Packaging Alliance, supporting global reforestation. We use sustainably sourced, transparent ingredients, free of common allergens. Your scent is mixed fresh, the moment you buy it, to prolong its quality and longevity.

Our brand is about three things:

  • Luxury without waste: giving you the highest quality scents and beautiful design, while stripping away wasteful add-ons you don't want – unnecessary packaging, big-budget marketing, and retail markup 
  • Transparency: spelling out every single thing that's in your scent, because you deserve to make up your own mind about what you do (and don't) like
  • Education: giving you articles, facts, and other cool info about the art and science behind perfumery, so you can discover more about yourself as you learn about scent

We'll continue to make small batches based on your feedback to bring you the most customized, hands-on perfume experience you'll ever have. Reach out anytime at – we love hearing from you. 

Proud partners of the NoIssue Eco Packaging Alliance.