Why do you exist?

The traditional fragrance buying experience is shallow, confusing, and all around disappointing. Jules & Vetiver came onto the scene to do it better. We're here to craft amazing fragrance with less wasteful packaging and condescending marketing tactics, and to give you all the knowledge and ingredient transparency you need to become as excited about fragrance as we are.


What's the concentration of the fragrance?

Our formula is designed as an Eau de Toilette, which means it's light enough for daily use, with around 10% of the bottle being pure fragrance. The rest of the formula is a combination of alcohol and water, which allows you to spray it pretty liberally, wherever you like, without the fragrance being too intense.


How long will my bottle of fragrance last?

It depends on how much and how often you apply it! On average, our 30ml/1 fl. oz bottle should last around half a year, give or take a couple months. Our 2ml sample mini lasts about a week, and the 7.5ml travel spray should keep you smelling fab for about 4-6 weeks. But don’t worry, it will keep much longer than that if you’re a light fragrance user.

How long does the fragrance last on my skin?

Your personal body chemistry is a factor, but our fragrance is designed to be light, not overpowering. This isn’t the kind of scent you’ll be afraid to wear on a crowded plane. While its base notes might linger a bit longer, the fragrance’s most noticeable elements usually wear off within 3-4 hours. (Want a fragrance with more staying power? We’d love your feedback on what scent to create next, so drop us a line!)


What's with the small batches?

Mass-produced fragrances have been aging for months, sometimes years, by the time they reach you. We make your fragrance fresh, so it maintains its quality for as long as possible on your shelf, not ours. Making small batches also lets us constantly tweak our formulas based on your feedback, so we can give you exactly the types of scents you want.


Are your ingredients all-natural?

Nope, and trust us when we say that’s a good thing. We love nature and while our fragrance is heavily inspired by all the beautiful aromas it has to offer, we actively avoid using any botanical oils and extracts that can be harmful to your skin or the environment. And we'll never use any animal ingredients. The manmade materials in your fragrance are all safe for topical use, widely used, and comply with all regulatory guidelines set forth by IFRA (an organization in the fragrance industry that sets global standards). In short, our fragrance is made of a combination of botanical and manmade ingredients to give you the safest, most sustainable, most amazing-smelling fragrance possible.

What if I don’t like it?

Well, that won’t fly. Wearing a fragrance is personal, intimate, and totally subjective. We want you to love it. That's why we encourage you to try a smaller sized version first – this lets you spend a week or so getting a feel for it. If you love it, you can apply the credit towards a full-sized bottle. And shipping is always free, for all of our scents, regardless of size. If you have any issues with the full-sized bottle, let us know and we’ll take it back for a refund, as long as you promise to give us feedback so we can keep making your scents better.

Is your fragrance for men, or women?

Our fragrance is designed to be unisex, as they were originally when perfumes began being more widely crafted in the 19th century. Your scent should be whatever you like, not what the bottle says is (or isn't) for you.


Why are you so into talking about ingredients?

Big, traditional perfume brands are secretive, even downright paranoid, about hiding what's in their scents. On some level, we get that. Perfume is an art requiring a lot of expertise, experimentation, and creativity, and they don't want to encourage anyone to just copy their masterpieces after they've done a lot of hard work (knockoffs are definitely a thing). But that secrecy makes it impossible for people to have any understanding of what they're wearing, and it's hard to enjoy and learn about something when you're kept in the dark. But we want you to know everything about your fragrance, because it's fun and fascinating and we want to share that experience with you. No shadiness. By telling you exactly what's inside your favorite bottle you'll learn to evaluate what you like, and what you don't, and enjoy your scents more, just like you would with your favorite foods and drinks. The more you know, the more there is to love. 🖤 


Where are you located?

We're a fully online brand, but if you want to sample our stuff in person, check out our current list of stockists to see if there's a shop near you!


Do you ship outside the US?

Right now, we can only ship to US-based addresses. The alcohol in perfume is technically a flammable substance, so international shipping restrictions sometimes limit our ability to send it outside of the States.


Other questions?

Just email our founder directly at She's dying to hear from you.