Fragrance Bar Kit: Formula Refill


Ready for a fresh batch of your Fragrance Bar formula? Just add to cart. We've got your original formula saved in our vault, so we can mix it up for you whenever you request it.

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The Fragrance Bar Kit includes detailed instructions, plus all our customized top, middle, and base notes, blended and ready to be sampled and personalized to your unique tastes. One Kit will include everything you need to select your own fragrance formula. Your nine unique notes include:

Top Notes (yellow)
1: Black Currant & Cardamom
2: Yuzu & Pink Pepper
3: Sweet, Juicy Citrus

Middle Notes (green)
4: Melon & Black Currant Bud
5: Geranium, Lavender, Gardenia
6: Jasmine & Ylang Ylang

Base Notes (taupe)
7: Soft Sandalwood Musk
8: Unisex Teak and Oakmoss
9. Cedar, Ripe Peach, Beach Air