Fragrance Bar Kit: Formula Selection


Lucky you, you just finished the Jules & Vetiver Fragrance Bar Kit! We hope it was lots of fun. Now that you've selected your perfect formula, you can redeem your Kit in three short steps.

1. Select your formula numbers below, one from each category (Top/Mid/Base) and click "Add to Cart."

2. During checkout, you'll see a box labeled "Add discount code or gift card." Enter the unique code found in your Kit, at the end of the instructions. This will redeem your Kit and give your order a zero balance. 

3. Enter your shipping details.

And voila, we'll start mixing up your personalized 0.25 fl. oz spray right away and ship it to your address, with no additional shipping charges. You're going to love it.

Questions about any part of the checkout or about your formula? Just let us know at and we'll get back to you right away.