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Description: Our fragranced room sprays can freshen up your space or set a whole new mood with a quick mist. Infused with essential oils from all over the world, our unique scents will transform your home, office, car (anywhere you want, really) into a high-end zen oasis.

Choose from lavender + cedarwood for calm, mellow mood or litsea cubeba + cedarwood for an uplifting, citrusy vibe. You control the scent intensity: just spray in the air or on any soft surfaces – rugs, drapes, upholstery, linens – and breathe deep.

Perfect for: "uhoh, they're coming over" moments, bedroom relaxation, "why does the house still smell like takeout?" regret, and no-time-to-light-a-candle situations

Sizes: 80 ml/2.5 oz  |  118ml/4 fl. oz


  • Lavender Essential Oil (France), Cedar Essential Oil (Virginia), Cedar Essential Oil (India), Denatured Alcohol, Water (Distilled)
  • Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil (Vietnam), Cedar Essential Oil (USA: Virginia), Cedar Essential Oil (India), Cedar Essential Oil (USA: Texas)Denatured Alcohol, Water (Distilled)

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