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Fragrance Bar Kit

Fragrance Bar Kit


Now in Pre-Order. Shipping begins the week of March 23. Times are strange, so if you're wondering if we can ship individual kits to multiple people: yes! So order up and have your Fragrance Bar party with your pals via your favorite video platform!

The Fragrance Bar is a fun, in-person experience where you learn about perfume and personalize your own scent with top, middle, and base notes. We love hosting these events, but not everyone can come to the Fragrance Bar.

Now, the Fragrance Bar can now come to you. Here's what you can expect when it arrives.

The kit version of the Fragrance Bar is designed to be the perfect activity for groups: a Girl’s Night In, a Birthday Party, a Bachelorette Party, or Bridal Shower. When you’re experiencing fragrance in this deconstructed, step-by-step way, you learn a lot about scent, about yourself, and about your friends.

The Fragrance Bar Kit allows you to have the experience wherever you are. It includes detailed instructions, plus all our customized top, middle, and base notes, blended and ready to be sampled. 

Once you’ve all made your formula selections,  we freshly mix and ship all the scents over to you. Each comes in a quarter ounce, travel-friendly sprayer, and we keep track of all your formulas, so you can always refill your personalized pick whenever you want.

The Fragrance Bar Kits are available for groups from 1-16 people at $34 per person (plus tax). Simply select your number of people from the dropdown, add the kits to your cart, and we'll take care of the rest!